I know life seems so hard for some of you…

But I’m sure what kind of life you’ve been through you have experience this: STRESS

These are some ideas to release, reduce, or they may kick your STRESS away!! ^^,

Things to DO!!!

  • Think about how you react to certain situations. Are there some things that wind you up more than others? Talk about these with someone else and think of ways you can manage.
  • Just accepting "I can’t do anything about it, it’s not my problem" is a relief.
  • Exercise! Try to go for a walk three times a week or dig the garden. Not to mention you will not only feel better, you will also look the part.
  • Set aside some time for yourself. Sit and read a book for 10 minutes, or watch TV. Use leisure time for yourself. Turn off the phone and take a bath, write down your feelings, mow the lawn, lie in the sun, ring a friend. Take a break! Take time to relax, sleep, and maybe even take a vacation if you can. Your body does not only need it; you deserve it.
  • Find someone with whom you can talk about your problems. This usually makes a world of difference.

  • Yoga! Many ramble that practicing yoga is the best way to manage or release stress. It focuses on breathing techniques, exercises, connecting with the universe on a spiritual and mental level. If this option seems interesting to you I suggest you do some research in order to learn the principles and decide if it is for you.

  • Stretch! People often stretch before and after a workout. However, learning stretching and flexing exercises to use as a way to relieve tension on many different areas of the body can help a great deal.

  • Massage! We all know how massages can help us relax and release tension. Prices start around $40 for 30 minutes; it all depends on what extra relaxation techniques you would like to add to the massage such as aromatherapy, oils, etc. There are also different types of massages so this will also affect the price. I actually found a therapist that charges $33 for a 30 minute session. It sounds pretty good to me. We waste money in so many different ways so investing on a massage once in a while will not kill our pockets.

  • Laugh it off! Rent a funny movie and laugh out loud. Find something or someone who will make you laugh. Stress can often come from taking yourself or your task too seriously. Ask yourself what is the worst possible thing that could happen if you made a mistake or missed the deadline.

  • Make a list. Include everything that needs to be done on the list, including homework, class assignments, grocery shopping, laundry, and even partying. Then make a weekly schedule. Fit all of your tasks within the weekly schedule. This will help you to be more organized; less overwhelmed and remember everything you need to do. You will find that there is indeed time to fit everything in. When you have completed one of the tasks on your list, cross it off. Crossing everything off the list is a good feeling of accomplishment.

  • This is also a great way to see how much you actually do during the day and pat yourself on the back for any job well done.

  • Change your focus. Think about your out of class life and focus on what you'll do this weekend or this evening.

  • Gain temporary control of your anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques during especially anxious times. Deep breathing combined with muscular tensing and relaxing can be helpful. Massage and meditation can help too.

  • Work on feeling better about yourself. Try replacing negative thinking with positive thoughts. Praise yourself once in a while and forgive yourself for mistakes

    Things DONT DO!!!

    • Aggressive towards others, take a deep breath and walk away.

    • Yelling.

    • Be critical of yourself, no one does everything perfectly all the time.

    • Fall into the trap of not eating enough or eating too much, drinking lots of coffee or alcohol. Don't hurt yourself!!

    • Make more friends! Today there are so many ways to look for friends through the internet or hobby communities in your surroundings.

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