10 Ways to Develop and Maintain a Positive Attitude in Job Search

1. Believe that you are great
2. Understand that everything happens for a reason
3. Get some 3R (Rest, Relaxation, and Reflection)
4. Tell Youself (I can do 1t!)
5. Thing of Interviewing as a numbers game
6. Surround yourself with positive people
7. Don't take rejection personally
8. Treat Interviewing as a job
9. Focus on what you can control
10. Visualize success

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Why should it be done tomorrow if you can do it now? Why do you wait if there is nothing to be waited for? Ow….don‘t let yourself sinking in unimportant problems…

But let us ask each other whether there is someone who never postpone, hold over, or delay something, it is just rhetoric question which I’m sure the answer will be no one.

Sometimes our prior tasks become the victims of our postponing. This symptom can not be considered as normal if it affects many kinds of disadvantages and loss. This problem is called procrastination in psychology literatures.

Procrastination is a term to describe our habit on postponing something. From Oxford English Reference Dictionary second edition (rev.2003), procrastination is postponing without reason. While Charles E. Schaefer in How to Help Children with Common Problems it means avoidance or prevention towards someone or something.

It isn’t a problem about time management or laziness, but it shows the inefficient usage of time. There are a lot of causal factor:

  • Can not overcome frustration and uncomfortable feelings, while frustration is one of the consequences to go through this life. The procrastinator can not accept this. 
  • Perfectionism. Someone who has driven himself into too excessive amount of perfect demand of his task to get other’s gratification. 
  • Wrong conviction, about he or she can do better task if he or she work under pressure or close to the deadline. 
  • Hampering job orientation. Divided into two first is oriented to action, who can easily move one to another task, and static oriented, who have negative perception of the task, bored with no reason, being frustrated, and feeling guilty.
  • Afraid to fail. This shows that a procrastinator more has less efforts than has less ability.
  • Self control. Procrastinator against impulsive behavior, but both of them are based on self control. 
  • Care Pattern. Authoritative parents often make their children become procrastinators.

How to avoid and control this???

  • Stop thinking negatively. Control your mind. If you find it difficult, stop the monologue conversation in your mind, find another easier thing that you can do first.
  • Make a realistic aim. Postponing can happen if you goal is too ‘tremendous’ and the way to get that is difficult to be through. It is better to make specific plan to determine where and when, and make it step by step.
  • Be selective. If you are a perfectionist, do the most important thing, be selective. 
  • Arrange time to get rest. 
  • Get additional time. It is better to give additional time for yourself to do something rather than do it fast under pressure.
  • Let yourself away from the wrong conviction. Work under pressure and close to the deadline is not good indeed. You can do better if you have arranged anything well.
  • Make yourself happy. Make yourself like what you do is better solution so that you don’t have to postpone any task, this is natural.
  • Make a daily journal. Make notes of what you postpone everyday and think whether you feel guilty or not. Write what is the cause in making you postpone it. Then ask yourself related to your notes.
  • Last effort: Ask any help from a professional. 

Hope this can help you….

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How to Forget What You Want to Avoid

In my last article, I’ve shown you or tried to help you how to choose or select appropriate choices in your life, haven’t you read it?
I think it will be useful for you ^o^

But however, many of us must have spent their life for wrong choices,,
Some enjoy it; some regret it, and some wonder why they are trapped in such uneasy choices…

When we try to avoid or go away from such wrong choices, it won’t be easy for us right?!
Coz it is frequently for me in experiencing such situation…
Here I try to help you….
How to avoid or forget something you want to avoid because you have already realize that you are in wrong path and it is not easy for you to avoid that...

Let’s check this…
I’ve learnt this from a smoker…, who quits to smoke although he still known himself as a smoker…,

Yeah.. this is true,,
His secret is that… He always postpone his activity of smoking til’ tomorrow…
Do you REALIZE that if tomorrow will ALWAYS COME it means that he won’t smoke anymore?

He just pretends that he can smoke or he will smoke on the next day, NOT TODAY…
Because there are always such situations that you will postpone your smoking right? Like when you were in Air-Conditioned room or etc…
Yes! It means you can do that!
Just postpone it everyday by thinking you can do it tomorrow…

How about other things?
This can be useful also…
For those who have broken heart, who wants to forget someone but it is so difficult…
Just thinking everyday that you can meet him or her tomorrow, and everything will be fine…
When those bad feelings are gone (feeling that you should forget them but you still want to meet them), you probably can really meet him or her, but without such uneasy feeling…
In case that we don’t have to cut good relation totally with anyone in this life…

Just considering that you have known your appropriate choices, so avoiding the wrong choices is not going to be a very big deal for you…

Although there is nothing that we can forget completely in this world as long as we live, at least you can take this as a worthy lesson of life that make you be more aware in facing similar problems…
You can do it as long you want to try, just postpone it! 

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How to Select the Most Appropriate Choices in Your Life

 Do you realize that every moment you breathe-you live, you always meet choices?? Do you aware that even the simplest choices that you have taken affects the next seconds to your life?


Have you even regretted something that you have been decided? Well, these questions of course have reminded you that we can not avoid choices or take easy of every choice in life.


Choices are made and exist to be chosen.

And the choices for your life of every actions, faith to be believed, and deciding the next step are always in your hand, though the final decision as the result of your choices is always on God’s authority.


But how do we make the most right choices?

It is not decided by me of course..

I just want to help you to consider several aspects to make it…


Here we go..


First, Do not ever think simply of the possible results that might happen because of your choices and decisions.

But it doesn’t mean that you should be a paranoid about the worst probability. I know that you probably consider both of negative and positive sides of your decisions. Negative side which seems make disadvantages sometimes can bring advantages later, and positive side of your decision sometimes can bring disadvantages later also.

So how do we choose if we search these ‘possible results’ as we know that everything changes in some ways?


Just ask yourself what you would feel that any of those results will happen to you and the others who are involved. I believe that all human have a good sense deeply in their heart and mind, so I called this intuition. Intuition is better used with the logical thinking based on any facts that you have discovered. Logical thinking is better used with faith as guidance. So use all of them to choose something through ‘possible results’ consideration.


Next, consider what you really need. This aspect can not be abandoned since your choices may influence your whole life. You must ask yourself deeply about it, what exactly you need at that moment, next moment, and other times. Remember, first person who is affected by your decision is yourself, although the other’s roles may be related later and must be considered also.


Third, be stick to your plan for the future, aims, and goals as you have known what you really need and want. Stick to it as you deciding something. Whatever the obstacles that you might face, be sincere to your aims.


Last but not least, we should realize that however we try to make the most appropriate choices for our life, we have to do something in case that every of our efforts and calculations might be inappropriate. Remember that Who has the most authority about everything is Who create us. That’s why every human do prayer. So this last aspect of helping determine choices is your prayer to God who decides everything.


Good luck J Do not be afraid in making any wrong choices, but do not spend the rest of your life for those wrong choices. Do not let yourself sinking in them for too long.

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Take a rest...

Well, I've been gone lately...
This is what I called take a rest..
But somehow...
Take a more longer or too much rest means...you die..
I don't wanna die..
So I'll continue this path..
Keep in touch!! ^^

Well…as I told you that I’ve just taken too long rest…I definitely don’t want you to follow the way I do..

Every one needs rest of course…you, they, and me…just take a minute in your hectic days…just for releasing everything….all your worries, thought, problems….just put them somewhere where you can’t hear, see, and feel…just let yourself with yourself…on your own,,,, then ask yourself..

Well…as I told you that I’ve just taken too long rest…I definitely don’t want you to follow the way I do..

Every one needs rest of course…you, they, and me…just take a minute in your hectic days…just for releasing everything….all your worries, thought, problems….just put them somewhere where you can’t hear, see, and feel…just let yourself with yourself…on your own,,,, then ask yourself..

What probably will make you enjoy your life….
But it must be kept in mind that fake enjoyment which will bring negative effects for next days must be thrown away…hey…you know what I mean…

Just think about your hobbies, favorite entertainment that you will spend with…
It is ok to leave something heavy on your mind or something hard to do…IF only you have planned duration for you to take your rest…

Better suggestion lead to the total rest I mean you can have enough sleep at night or take a nap, just in case if you are too tired and any job can’t be handled and tolerated unless you take a rest….
The second better suggestion is that you have to spend some fixed time to have exercise,,,, just do any sport you like…ask you friends or some friends to accompany you for this fun body refresher… you do not to be afraid that sport will make you tired… I guarantee that you will start the next day with the new spirit when you have to be back to your hectic days… 

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Still sad for The Lost….?Be Happy for What you have Had…!! ^o^

I’m sure that each of you has been in lost for what you love and what you had…
It can be about your belongings, someone you love, self-esteem which you had, and other things of your own…
It seems that your happiness is taken away and everything which you have lost must be back to you otherwise you’ll ‘die’…
Wew,,, I know that’s kindda hard to let something or someone go away and it could no longer be with you…

But here,
I just want to show you that this thing you have lost does not require anymore tears and sadness…

Let’s take a piece of paper (or maybe more) and get yourself a pen…
You should write down in numbers of what you have recently..
Remember it must be COMPLETE, write down whatever things you have, ability, achievements, and everything..
You may confuse but you can start with everything you have on your own body; hair, eye, nose, mouth, etc and they are still works and looks perfectly….
Then, you have to look of ALL you ABILITIES starting from the basic things that as you remember the development process of an infant; walking, talking,……, operating computer, and I’m sure you have reach the number of 100 or more ‘til this step….
You may continue to write down about all relationship you have and the people who you can still interact with…starting from the names of your family members, friends, activity partners, business relations, etc…..
You probably have got the idea bout what I meant here…but then you can continue to write about ALL achievements you have had until now…like the previous step you should start with the very basic things,,,,,,

Let’s think for a while…with this list of what GOD has given to you…,do you still feel bad about one or some of them which must be crossed out from your list or taken away from your life?

Some of you may have reach the number of 500 or it could be more..
Then you can crossed out some numbers which you have lost recently…1?, 2?, or maybe 5 of them?
Then how many numbers are left?
And if you are still alive til tomorrow you probably need to add your list with something more…
Just be happy for what God has given to you and the lost won’t be any matter to you….

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