How to Select the Most Appropriate Choices in Your Life

 Do you realize that every moment you breathe-you live, you always meet choices?? Do you aware that even the simplest choices that you have taken affects the next seconds to your life?


Have you even regretted something that you have been decided? Well, these questions of course have reminded you that we can not avoid choices or take easy of every choice in life.


Choices are made and exist to be chosen.

And the choices for your life of every actions, faith to be believed, and deciding the next step are always in your hand, though the final decision as the result of your choices is always on God’s authority.


But how do we make the most right choices?

It is not decided by me of course..

I just want to help you to consider several aspects to make it…


Here we go..


First, Do not ever think simply of the possible results that might happen because of your choices and decisions.

But it doesn’t mean that you should be a paranoid about the worst probability. I know that you probably consider both of negative and positive sides of your decisions. Negative side which seems make disadvantages sometimes can bring advantages later, and positive side of your decision sometimes can bring disadvantages later also.

So how do we choose if we search these ‘possible results’ as we know that everything changes in some ways?


Just ask yourself what you would feel that any of those results will happen to you and the others who are involved. I believe that all human have a good sense deeply in their heart and mind, so I called this intuition. Intuition is better used with the logical thinking based on any facts that you have discovered. Logical thinking is better used with faith as guidance. So use all of them to choose something through ‘possible results’ consideration.


Next, consider what you really need. This aspect can not be abandoned since your choices may influence your whole life. You must ask yourself deeply about it, what exactly you need at that moment, next moment, and other times. Remember, first person who is affected by your decision is yourself, although the other’s roles may be related later and must be considered also.


Third, be stick to your plan for the future, aims, and goals as you have known what you really need and want. Stick to it as you deciding something. Whatever the obstacles that you might face, be sincere to your aims.


Last but not least, we should realize that however we try to make the most appropriate choices for our life, we have to do something in case that every of our efforts and calculations might be inappropriate. Remember that Who has the most authority about everything is Who create us. That’s why every human do prayer. So this last aspect of helping determine choices is your prayer to God who decides everything.


Good luck J Do not be afraid in making any wrong choices, but do not spend the rest of your life for those wrong choices. Do not let yourself sinking in them for too long.

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