Still sad for The Lost….?Be Happy for What you have Had…!! ^o^

I’m sure that each of you has been in lost for what you love and what you had…
It can be about your belongings, someone you love, self-esteem which you had, and other things of your own…
It seems that your happiness is taken away and everything which you have lost must be back to you otherwise you’ll ‘die’…
Wew,,, I know that’s kindda hard to let something or someone go away and it could no longer be with you…

But here,
I just want to show you that this thing you have lost does not require anymore tears and sadness…

Let’s take a piece of paper (or maybe more) and get yourself a pen…
You should write down in numbers of what you have recently..
Remember it must be COMPLETE, write down whatever things you have, ability, achievements, and everything..
You may confuse but you can start with everything you have on your own body; hair, eye, nose, mouth, etc and they are still works and looks perfectly….
Then, you have to look of ALL you ABILITIES starting from the basic things that as you remember the development process of an infant; walking, talking,……, operating computer, and I’m sure you have reach the number of 100 or more ‘til this step….
You may continue to write down about all relationship you have and the people who you can still interact with…starting from the names of your family members, friends, activity partners, business relations, etc…..
You probably have got the idea bout what I meant here…but then you can continue to write about ALL achievements you have had until now…like the previous step you should start with the very basic things,,,,,,

Let’s think for a while…with this list of what GOD has given to you…,do you still feel bad about one or some of them which must be crossed out from your list or taken away from your life?

Some of you may have reach the number of 500 or it could be more..
Then you can crossed out some numbers which you have lost recently…1?, 2?, or maybe 5 of them?
Then how many numbers are left?
And if you are still alive til tomorrow you probably need to add your list with something more…
Just be happy for what God has given to you and the lost won’t be any matter to you….

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