Let's be more sociable!! ^^

Have you ever felt that it is so difficult for you to interact with others??

Well, these day people are getting closer to the others because of high technology of communication…but why are you still here to think about how should your manage your social behavior in case of wanting to be more close with other people? I do not want to blame you or something sometimes I got the same problem ha2; here I’ve got little tips which will show you how you can be more sociable..

  • Have you been thinking about what the most interesting topic for people to be talk about is? It is about THEMSELVES! ^O^
  • When you are talking about the person whom you talk to, he or she will think nice about you. Just change the words; “I, mine, myself” become “you, yours, yourself”. If you can sacrifice a little for them, this means that you are in one step forward in your social life.
  • Keep the person whom you talk to or close to be more important. This can be realized by being a good listener, praise him or her, use his or her names as often as possible, think for a while about what he or she has jus said then answer it, greet nicely for the person who has waited for you, concern with each person in a group, etc.
  • Learn to consider the others’ opinion and thought and agree with theirs honestly if you think they are right.
  • One way to make the others are influenced by you and do what you want them to do is knowing what things that make them do it (yeah..of course). I mean at first you should know that every single man is different, and do not think that what you like and look for are the same with the others! J Find whatever they like, find whatever they look for. You can make they do something that you want by showing them that they can get what they want by doing it! Think for it in your own situation and the people’s situation because this is tricky strategy that sometimes can be useful…
  • Ask for help from the third person to make the others can be sure to you.
  • If you want the other people agree with you give strong reason why they should agree, but give stressing on the reason that it will be profitable for them! Before that, you can start by asking them by ‘surely answered with yes’ question. For example ‘’do you want to be more happy? by doing this you can be more bla…bla..” think and say it seriously that at the end they possibly will get what they want, and you will not considered as a liar…
  • Praise the other for their good work, thought, idea, and effort.
  • Give your smile for the good impression.
  • Do not give critic to someone in the public, start it with some good things that the person has done before, give critics objectively not subjectively, prepare advices if the person ask for what he or she should do afterward, ask for cooperation do not only give claim, its better to give critics for ONE mistake and for ONCE, end it with friendly statement.
  • Appreciate someone by giving thanks for hem and say it from your heart that he or she was really helpful. Say it clearly and make eye contact with the person whom you thank to or say his or her name for sure.
  • Honor yourself then people will give honors to you.
  • Do not tell the others’ weaknesses to showing your strength.

  • “Knowledge will be not so useful until a person try to apply it. Then the knowledge can be precious thing to be shared”


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  3. I think I knew about this tips...
    In the book with the yellow cover..
    however nice post here..
    keep writting comrade...

    I'm Sorry if my english is bad...


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