STARSCOPES in the year 2008!!

Here it goes AQUARIUS and PISCES for the following Starscopes in 2008 like I promised before!! ^o^ enjoy this....

AQUARIUS (Jan20-Feb18)
This year is full of promising happiness. Career and business are placed at the top moment of you bright life, as well as in your love life. Not like in the previous year that you have to do a lot of exceed works, this year you can breathe peacefully. Everything runs smoothly. But do not let these things decrease your awareness. Be careful with your high idealism as well. There will be new opportunities in your life; promotion, new career, starting your own new business (especially in telecommunication field such as web designer), and advancing the networks. July, August, and September are the busiest months. Whatever you will do, do not forget to evaluate yourself. Control your hard trait. Despite it is difficult, you must be more openly in compromising, for one who involved In business, financial transpiration becomes vital thing. Avoid also stiff behavior. For Aquarius finance, it is not as bright as previous year. So, get prepare with reserved budget. Aquarius is in romantic condition, especially for those who are difficult to find love mate. As the result of the improvement of self-confidence, you will find the sprinkling of love from whom you never predicted. You may also consider recreate good relationship with your ex-love mate. For those who get involved with love affair, late or soon it will be uncovered, just be focus with the one you have.

PISCES (Feb19-Mar20)
Difficult times passed behind. This year, your life runs more smoothly, though there is still possibility of any obstacles that can be handed as time goes by. Some things that must be considered are persistence of commitment and do not look for problems. Be more flexible because any unexpected things may happen. Focus with your goal, keep ‘pumping’ your spirit, and keep contact and communication with relatives. These are the key of you success that can not be bargained for Pisces whatever your professions are. Keep your stamina in good condition, because this year you will travel a lot in the name of businesses. You should be brave to go outside your ‘safe zone’. If you see any opportunities just be active because they may not come twice. Your financial will experience improvement, but you should show some job achievements if you want to get higher salary or promotion. Are tired of the invisible destination of your relationship?. Do not worry, there will be commitment soon, in condition you’re not have tendency to make an affair. It is the time to be assertive if your love-mate letting your relationship without any commitment. For the single, you should do more effort to gain the one you love. For Pisces who have had the commitment you will get new born baby soon.


  1. hmm blognya bagus kok namanya ndet neko artinya apa tuh

  2. thaaaanks a bunch ^^
    ndet is only my short name for detya..
    n neko means cat in Japanese :D
    coz I love cats sooo much!


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