legalized EUTHANASIA??? part.2


Euthanasia is an assisted-suicide. In this case the one who assisted the patient to do euthanasia is the doctor. Doctors are the main doers of euthanasia, but those who practiced legalized euthanasia should not be simply considered as innocent figure. There are so many assumptions that it is humanitarian choice, the decision is up to the patient and their families, so that the doctors’ assistance is purely not based on their choice and order. On the other hand, it is obviously seen that doctors practiced it break the International Code of Medical Ethics, which declares “a doctor must always bear in mind the obligation of observing human life from the time of conception until death ( If euthanasia is legalized, doctors who practiced it will also abandonee The Hippocratic Oath that states “I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest such counsel…” .These facts show that any traditional medical ethics codes have never purify euthanasia.

If it comes to the argument that it is not the doctor’s choice, we must admit against it that the doctor is the first person who gives diagnosis and explanation that the patient is no longer live and gives basis information and offer euthanasia. Doctors are only human and it can be very difficult for them to be entirely objective about their own situation. Those who regularly manage terminally ill patients must realize that they often suffer from depression or false sense of worthlessness which may affect their judgment to the patient. It can be the doctors’ failure to adequate symptom control. Doctors’ encouragement to euthanasia can be because of they do not up to date with the newest treatments available and anticipated degree of future suffering for the patients who are terminally ill. One could also say legalizing it will also give physiological effect to the doctors, that once the doctors are allowed and start killing, it is possible for them to carry on doing it continuously without feeling any guilt. Then if this phenomenon happens, who will trust the doctors to take care of other patients? Will the other patients comfortable knowing their doctors have killed other patients?. If it legalized, euthanasia will give so much power to doctors as the main doers.

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