Assisted Suicide; Should It be Legalized, or Not?!


Every creature in this world, including human, experience the cycles of life starting from pregnancy, being born, live in this world with its problematic aspects of life, and ended all with death. From all of the steps or cycles of life, death is the most questionable and provokes a lot of contradictive opinions and arguments if it is seen in the eyes of science and technology. The only answer which is right is in religions and beliefs. Nevertheless, human are very curious about anything and feels very smart that they can observe, think, analyze, consider, take decision for anything in this world include his or her fate or others’. This feeling of dignity as human being have been related to the death for a long time, then it contributed euthanasia term to this world. Euthanasia is the practice of voluntarily having a medically assisted death (

Some countries have legalized euthanasia such as; Columbia, Japan, Netherlands, Oregon State of America, Switzerland, and Belgium ( and These countries tries to vanishing people’s suffering because of several conditions of people; terminally ill and chronically ill, elderly, depressed, and disabled to do anything. Terminally ill is the condition of sick people which is can not be cured and it leads to death, and chronically ill is in similar condition that takes chronological dropped condition leading to death. Depressed, elderly, and disabled people are in the same weak and helpless condition like blind, deaf, dumb, and paralyzed. Moreover, there are three ways or methods of Physician-Assisted suicide; the first is Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s “Suicide Machine”. In this process, the patient must first activate it by pushing a button, and then there are three solutions are injected in order; a harmless saline, a sleep-inducing active, and the lethal drugs. The second, with the face mask in which the patient wears it and then carbon monoxide is pumped through which poisons the patient. The last is plastic bag suffocation ( However the role of euthanasia should be considered more whether it should be legalized by the rest of countries or not. Does it really understood by the people?, does it is really needed and useful?, who are the people straightly involved in the practice of euthanasia?, what is the effect of legalizing euthanasia?, these are the questions that will lead us to several assumptions, arguments, and opinions. Then, it will be clear that euthanasia should not be legalized because of several considerations.

How is euthanasia in ‘the eyes’ of some people? Before the rest of countries legalize euthanasia, it is very essential that the truth understanding about euthanasia should be analyzed further. There are some definitions of euthanasia that it is a mercy-killing, ending life with dignity, a right to die, and a right to end suffering without pain as it is stated in some articles in and Euthanasia is known as the mercy-killing but it simply taking one’s own life without mercy. Mercy, according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is a kind of event to be grateful for because it stops something unpleasant. While in the other hand killing is causing death or causing somebody to die. There is no connection between the contradicted words as one shows pleasant thing and another shows unpleasant thing. Remember, there is no mercy in killing; indeed it places a lower value on another’s life. Besides, God is the most authorized determiner about the time of death and whether one’s death will be in dignity or not. God decides when one’s life should end. Ending life with dignity is a moral event, with a complex meaning that must be understood through moral ideas. On the contrary of the assumption that euthanasia is a right to die, it is must be highlighted that legalizing euthanasia is not a claim for the patient to have the right to die, it is in fact a claim for the doctor to have the right to kill the patient. The one side who needs the law of legalized euthanasia is the doctor not the patient, and without the legalized euthanasia the doctor who is judged as guilty. Answering the questioned opinion the euthanasia is a right to end suffering without pain is actually does not need difficult and deep explanation, because there is no prove at all that death by euthanasia will be not painful because there is no dead people tells his experiences or says so.

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