legalized EUTHANASIA??? part.3


Another consideration that supports the disagreement of non-legalized euthanasia comes to the part of medical improvement by applying some medical researches. Medical research is essential that will affect any medicine and medical treatment become advanced further and improved better. If it is analyzed further to the future, there should be any improvement in medical treatment and research rather than legalized euthanasia. Some people argued that prolongation of life by medical living support without reasonable prospect is cruel, so that it should be legalized ( Then we will justify with the previous point mentioned. If the rest of countries in the world legalize euthanasia, it will weaken and undermine the improvement of medical research. Any physicians or doctors related and have potential to make advanced in scientific and health care knowledge won’t get enough motivation that some people who are terminally ill will simply ended by euthanasia. They will not feel encouraged and urged to make the improvement. Likewise the fund needed to make it legalized, it is certain that it will cost some money because legalization is related with law. Rather than the funds are being diverted to fuel the strategy of ‘search and destroy’ it is better to ‘care and console’. The funds are better used for medical improvement.

All in all, euthanasia is not a simple practice towards terminally ill patient for their death. Some assumptions that it is a mercy-killing, ending life with dignity, a right to die, a right to end suffering without pain are nevertheless not appropriate for its definition because no mercy in killing, God is the most determiner about dignity, indeed it is a right to kill, and no evidence proves it can eliminate pain. Legalizing euthanasia also gives impact for the doctors’ role. They break International Code of Medical Ethics and Hippocratic Oath, give possibility of making mistake about it, would not have any guilt in killing people once they are allowed and get use of it, and lose the trustfulness of other patient on them. The other bad predictable effect of legalizing euthanasia is that it will undermine medical research so that there would not be any improvement, and the fund will be spent more for legalizing it than for the medical improvement. By reviewing, considering, and analyzing deeply several aspects which are strongly related to euthanasia, it can be believed firmly that euthanasia should not be legalized.

(Fardetya Aridilla,2007.)

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