Anime?!;It's hisory 'n the process of making

Anime is a term of Japanese animation. The forming of the word ‘anime’ passed through several process. Anime was derived from the word ‘animation’ in English. The Japanese pronounced it ‘animeshon’, then it became ‘anime’ to make it shorter. After that, anime is considered as a kind of painting art. If we look in through its history and its making process, we will see that anime is not just a simple piece of art.

Anime has very magnificent history because it was improved steadily. The first experiment to make anime was done by Shimokawa Bekoten, Koichi Junichi, and Kitayama Seitaro in 1913. Then, short anime “Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki” was invented by Oten Shimokawa and its duration was only 5 minutes. This anime had no voice or sound. After that, anime creator started to use music in his anime. He was Nuburo Ofuji who created “Kujira”-the first musical anime in 1927. Anime which was ‘talking’ for the first time is “Kuro Nyago”. It was created in 1930 and its duration is 90 minutes. Anime was still developed that the first coloured anime was made in 1948. The title of the first coloured anime was “Boku no Yakyu”, it was created by Megumi Asano. The industry of anime was succeded by Osamu Tezuka with his Production Animation Department (Mushi Production). “Mitsu no Hanashi” was the first anime which broadcasted on television in Japan in 1960. Then, Anime titled “Tetsuwan Atom” (Astro Boy), which was created by Mushi Production, broadcasted on TV regularly. This old anime was very wellknown even in other countries and it was the pioneer of the spread other animes throughout the world.

The process of making anime is pretty difficult because it consists of some steps. First, we can start to make anime by drawing realistically proportioned head, with an egg shaped oval divided vertically with a line so everything ends up symmetrical. A line to mark the eyes should be half way up and should not be higher. The line for the nose half way between the eyes and the chin. Then one of the mouth about half way between the nose and the chin. After that, we can exaggerate the shape of the head and add details by sharpening the chin, drawing eyes bigger than real human eyes, drawing small-pointed nose, keeping the mouth small, adding simple lines for the eyebrows, and blocking in the hair. Do not forget to clean up stray lines. Next, we can add neck, ears, hair, and other stuff as we like. We can improve our own style until we found what we like. The hardest-

part about drawing bodies is getting the proportion right. We should make differences in making women and mens’ head or body. Actually, the anime style of body is just an exaggeration of a regular person, for example it has shorter torso and longer legs, small body, slim waist, big head, or long thin neck. After we are able to draw right propotioned body, we should try to make movements or pose of body, so the character seems really move his or her body. Next, we should elaborate the characters’ clothes as creative as we can. Finnishing drawing characters does not mean the anime has finnished. We have to draw the surroundings, environment, background, or settings. After all, we can make it full-colored. Concerning the story line of the anime is essential, so when we finnish all those steps of making anime we can get qualified and good anime.

Anime has become so popular nowadays that appearing several phenomenon. One of them is the appearing of ‘Otaku’, means the people who love to watch and admire anime (fans of anime). ‘Otaku’ are spread all over the world these days and they have built some organizations. Then we can find anime in a form of movie, video, or download it on the internet. Anime also often be an interesting topic in newspapers and magazines, even there are some magazines which only talk about anime, for example Animonster in Indonesia. It is not surprised that anime is profitable for many people. Nowadays, we really can not say that anime is just a simple kind of art because it has passed along complicated ways to reach its success.

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